My wife recently had a profound realization, and what she realized was that she wasn't leading the life that she wanted. It was close, but not quite there.

Here's how she puts it.

While reading through my old journals, I realized that I had grown comfortable watching my life go by from the comfort of the sidelines. Rather than writing about interesting experiences and adventures, I was instead portraying a life of monotony and inaction. In summation, I had gotten caught up in the usual routines and was experiencing a dull resignation to life.

She had a chat with me one day to let me know I wasn't the cause of her general malaise, but that she had a malaise and intended to do something about it. I was so impressed because it takes a very courageous person to admit something like this. Most of us prefer to paddle down the river of denial.

She let me know that she was going to start a website, invest in some new businesses, and really explore herself and her life. To this, I said "Let me know how I can help".

Since then, she dove in. She's completed a full cycle of P90X, which, if you haven't tried it, will do a good job on its own of producing a new person. She imagined and launched her website, She's started not one but TWO businesses and has made a full list of the things she intends to do to create the life of love and happiness that she desires.

Watching this from the sidelines has been amazing. In one of my favorite lines from her blog she compares herself to a bashful cartoon bunny rabbit. That was the perfect way to describe her, but in the future, I think it won't be.

Part of her effort is the 'Zest for Life Project where she does things that take her outside her box. Here is the list as she posted it on her Reaching For Bliss blog.

Go places by myself

Join a women’s golf league

Play the cello at an open mic night

Get my motorcycle license

Get crafty

Make a Cake Boss cake

Get involved in Network Marketing

Blog for Profit

Learn how to knit

Talk to random people

Take a fashion risk

Start a gratitude journal

Sit in a sauna

Be in a flash mob

Write and publish a book

I know that many people, and many women, may be able to relate to this. I think that we can all be a victim of momentum. Sometimes that momentum moves quickly and we go through whirlwinds of changes for the better or worse. Sometimes the momentum slows, and we slip into a rut. Those can be hard to get out of. I am so impressed with my wife for having the courage to do something to take her out of what may have been a rut.

My wife Sarah worked a string of jobs she hated until she decided not to. Then, she decided to take the rest of her life to the next level.