I attended Author 101 University in Las Vegas to learn more about my new trade. My outdoor action/adventure book that teaches lessons of sustainability and green living will be released in 2014, so I need to know more about what it means to be an author.

I learned a ton, and possibly more importantly, met a lot of great people. The thing I was impressed to see was that of all the topics from the authors that were there, the most popular seemed to be women helping women.

To sum up what all of them were trying to accomplish would be impossible, but it seemed that there was a pervasive feeling that many women who were at about middle age or beyond had suddenly realized that things in their life weren't as they thought they would be.

Many had been through something traumatic, and had put more of themselves into their something than they had into themselves. It was like a theme of 'I gave my all to everyone but myself, and then realized that I deserved more of my own attention than I had thought.'

From these experiences, they were inspired to write a book, to help others, to spread the word.

The woman in the video above, Angela Alexander, was wonderful to meet. Her story was horrific, but from it, she is helping others. My friend who attended the seminar with me, and has been to every kind of seminar imaginable, remarked to me that he'd never been to one that had so many quality people. I believe that was because so many of them just wanted to make a difference in others lives from what they had experienced.

There were also many personal development coaches, both men and women, who want to help people live the life of their dreams.

From this, I learned something. If there were so many people who want to help other people enjoy their lives, realize their dreams, and improve their situations, then I think it is incumbent on me to do some of that legwork myself. It seemed that all these authors that want to help others simply had to have something happen to them that woke them up to the reality that they needed to be doing something important with their lives. So, I guess I could take that as a wake up call of my own. While I will be in touch with many of these folks for help, I think I'll start by helping myself.