I was sitting in the Las Vegas airport, waiting for my flight, and dreaming about bestsellers, collaborations, and backend systems after four days at a great conference, Author 101 University. So deeply was I daydreaming, that even though I was at the airport 2 hours early, ready to fly back to Colorado, I somehow missed my flight.

How did I do such a stupid thing when I was in my terminal a full hour before my flight?

Good, old-fashioned dumb-assery, as I have come to call it. I will explain with the caveat that this isn't an excuse. I don't make excuses. These are facts that may sound like an excuse because really, it's pretty stupid. I may be pretty stupid. Susan and my wife still love me. Dave may be another story, because he had to get up at 3:30am because of my dumb-assery.

  • I got to my gate right at about the time the last passenger would have boarded. I thought I was a bit earlier, but I was not. Getting there so early lulled me into laziness.
  • C8 is right next to C9. C9 people would line up to the right in the picture above. But, because there were people everywhere, including people under the signs for C8, and I thought they were in line for C9.
  • In actuality, there was no line for C9, and had I realized that, I would have sauntered onto the plane like a rock star, but I instead went and took a seat at the back of the line at C8, which I think was going to Modesto.
  • After the last B group went in line, I went to line up and then realized this was the line for C8, not C9. I soon realized there may be a problem. A full day long problem.
  • The rest is history. I'm sorry Dave. I'm really, really sorry.

Immediately, I had that sinking feeling in my stomach. However, in the training I've been receiving, I've been taught that being upset over such things really does no good at all. In fact, it's better to embrace them and wonder why it happened. If the Universe is as wonderful as I know it is, then I was supposed to miss that flight. This is all supposed to work out for the good.

I couldn't help my initial frustration. I couldn't help but get mad at myself. Then, as I wrote that last sentence, the woman at the airport just announced that the Denver flights are all overbooked and they are looking for volunteers to hop off their flight, and receive a travel voucher for which I am not eligible, because I daydreamed through my flight.

My stomach wants to sink more, but my personal development side wants to sing and wonder, 'Why would I miss my flight?' Will I meet someone on the other flight? Will I be inspired to write my best work by the Vegas sunset? Am I supposed to head back to the Strip and win a couple thousand dollars playing Texas Hold 'Em?

How could this be a good thing? Truth is I have no idea. But I'll let you know when it happens.

Meantime, here is where I spent the night. In the deserted, but thankfully very safe and secure, Salt Lake City Airport. Those chairs aren't as comfy as they look.