I'm not encouraging anyone to run out and quit their job--but maybe you should. We have reached a point of prosperity where we are able to consider our day to day satisfaction. Past generations didn't have it so good. Just having a job that could support the family was good enough. Just being able to chase a dream shows how fortunate we are to live when we do.

Still, it takes a lot of courage to pursue a dream. When I hear of someone who is doing it, I celebrate.

I know that when I am broadcasting, I am doing so to a lot of people who are going to jobs that they really don't want to go to. I feel your pain. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing. I hated all my other jobs, and worked hard to find the one that I was supposed to be doing. I wish all my listeners would find a similar situation.

One of them, at least, is taking the leap. Here is the call I took for a $50 giveaway we were doing with Ehrlich on 35th.

I was blown away by this. The reason we stay with the jobs we hate is because of fear. We fear the idea of not having enough money for the bills. We fear the perceived lack of security. When someone decides to break free from that, it shows true courage.

However, the decision is not often arrived at easily. When I realized that I was on the wrong career path, it was a 'hitting bottom' of sorts.

Here's what Jen had to say about that.

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