Many of you enjoyed reading my wife's musings and quest for personal growth in her former blog,

I did, too. She makes herself really vulnerable, which is true courage personified. She works on it late into the evening, just because she wants to, which shows passion. Also, only when she writes is she really funny. I mean, in regular life, she comes up with a crack or two from time to time, but every time I read one of her new articles I would find myself joyfully cracking up.

While she loved what she was writing, she had an issue with the whole 'reaching' part of the title, as if bliss were just out of reach. Here's what she said about it in her inaugural post:

I came to the realization that Reaching for Bliss no longer exuded my intended message and that was definitely a problem for me. I didn’t like the fact that Reaching for Bliss conveyed the impression that bliss was consistently just outside our reach. That’s not the case. It’s a decision that must be made every day. A life of bliss requires constant care and upkeep and is achievable to anybody.

With the new blog, she'll be focusing on her continued journey through the life of her dreams, the seeds that actually helped her lose 15 pounds and are the vehicle that will take her to the financial part of that dream, and everything else that goes along with it.

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