It would be hard to be more successful than Katy Perry. The girl broke a record set by the Beatles. Who's next? Michael Jackson?

Getty Images - Frazer Hanson

What a contrast to the abject failure that she experienced for years when she was trying to make a name for herself in Los Angeles. Through rejection after rejection she persevered. Why?

What makes the people who won't give up tick? She was reaching for an impossible dream. The odds of being paid enough to make music a career are against anyone that wants to do this. She stayed on the list of 'almost an artist', in record label limbo for years. She was signed, but they weren't releasing or promoting her. At one point, a label even held her stuff back but wouldn't release her from her contract because they didn't want anyone else to make money from her stardom. They were going to bury her.

For some strange reason, she never gave up. When they said 'no', she kept playing gigs, writing music, and believing that she could do it.

Last night was another feather in the cap of persistence. Katy won 4 People's Choice Awards. Her gratitude and appreciation are evident, and may be a secret to her success.

I love biopics about current artists, because their stories make their music sound different to me. It deepens my connection to them, and often makes me love them even more. 'Part of Me' is a great movie. If you like Katy, you'll love her. If you aren't into her, you may gain a respect for her that wasn't there before. If you know a young person or a dreamer that needs a boost, this is the movie.