This is the way to go out. Respectfully. Happily. With bright dreams for the future, and best wishes for those in the past.

I believe that we can only be the best at what we love to do, and this man from Cambridgeshire, England apparently seems to agree. It seems he started a cake business that was his passion, and, as such, the business took off. When it came time to quit, he wrote the tastiest letter of resignation the management has ever had.


This really reminds me of my wife. She has very recently overcome the fear of allowing herself to go for what she wants, and it is an amazing thing to see. Part of that process involved her just figuring out what it was that she wanted.

Part of that process for her, was starting her own website and blog. In one of my favorite lines ever put on to a medium, she wrote this.

I came to the realization that I wasn’t creating the life that I truly wanted to live. I had managed to let my propensity to watch from the sidelines take over every aspect of my life.

I am naturally a bit timid and self-conscious, which is fine if you’re a bashful cartoon bunny rabbit, but since I am not, I needed to make some changes.

What's so impressive about this? Well, like the person who wanted to make cake, she had the courage to pull herself out of denial. That's the hard part. Many of us accept life as a chore, and forge on. Few think, "Wait, this is supposed to be awesome!" and then have the further bravery and persistance to find out what 'awesome' means to them.

Paul's wife Sarah quit her jobs, started working for herself, and started her own blog Reaching For Bliss

So, kudos to the guy with the cake, to my wife, and to anyone else who, as Tom Robbins put it in Still Life With Woodpecker, has the 'balls to star in their own movie' and direct it.