Does the Mosquito Repellent App Work in Fort Collins? [REVIEW]
I shared a video recently of high-tech ways to repel mosquitoes; one of them was a smartphone app that claims it can repel mosquitoes using ultrasonic sound waves.  I usually get eaten alive by those little buggers, so I thought I'd give the app a try.
Fort Collins City Council Reconsidering Mosquito Spraying
I'm no fan of West Nile Virus; but from day one, I was skeptical about mosquito spraying in Fort Collins. Is killing a few mosquitoes that might be carrying West Nile worth filling the air we breathe with dangerous chemicals? In my mind, no, it isn't. And it looks like m…
Mosquito Season Could be Bad this Year [VIDEO]
Could a warm winter mean extra mosquitoes this summer? According to some, this might be the worst season for mosquitoes in decades. A mosquito bite can be more serious than just an annoying bite. In 2011,  the CDC received reports of 610 cases of encephalitis or meningitis caused by mosqui…