I'm no fan of West Nile Virus; but from day one, I was skeptical about mosquito spraying in Fort Collins.  Is killing a few mosquitoes that might be carrying West Nile worth filling the air we breathe with dangerous chemicals?  In my mind, no, it isn't.  And it looks like many local residents share my opinion.

At a packed city council meeting on Tuesday, over 20 people spoke out against mosquito spraying, with many providing evidence of its ineffectiveness and carcinogenic danger to humans.

City Manager Darin Atteberry said the decision to spray this year was based on city policy for responding to the risk for West Nile virus. Spraying began after the Larimer County health department made three recommendations to begin because of the growing threat to residents.

Nevertheless, the council now says it isn't convinced spraying is the best way to handle the situation; and council members have promised to look into the issue more thoroughly in October, when they should know exactly how effective the spraying has been.

How do you feel about mosquito spraying in our community?  Leave a comment and let us know!