Pharrell's tears show us a man who has reached a purpose in life.

It seems to be his purpose to make music that makes the entire world happy. He did it. What a dream to come true.

I believe that is one of the pinnacles of human experience. To see something that we've worked for all our lives come to fruition in a beautiful way. When it's a pure expression of beauty and joy that makes the world want to dance, it's got to be astounding.

His tears didn't surprise me at all.

For him, in this moment, it all comes together. He has spent his life doing what he loves. He makes music for the love of it. This song was a real challenge for him to finish, and during it, there were times when he didn't think it was going to be any good.

Then, clarity and craftsmanship came together, and out popped Happy, my favorite song in years. It is a pop music masterpiece.

How can you not groove to that song?

Here, they jam to it in Jamaica.


Honk Kong

And he's funny. Even though he's fearless enough to feel the moment as he is overcome with emotion, he still knows that he's crying on Oprah. Her program is renowned for getting people to open up, but even Pharrell probably didn't think he'd bare himself that much on Oprah this time. Or ever.

Some men in our society think tears are a sign of weakness. Here, they are clearly a sign of power from a person who has reached a height few will achieve. May we all shed such tears of joy.