Not to go all sci-fi on you, but I believe there will be a time when humans no longer inhabit this Earth and will be forced to either find a similar planet, or live in artificially created atmospheres.

I am NOT making any predictions of when, how, or why this will happen, but when I look at a planet with potentially finite resources and a population that is doubling rapidly, it is something that I believe will eventually happen.

Now, take a moment and put yourself into the shoes of those survivors who can never go outside. As amazing as that video of the International Space Station is, I wouldn't prefer to live in such a way. But, should we have to establish colonies on other planets, life would look quite similar. I imagine the survivors having thoughts every day of what it must have been like to wake up and breathe real air that was created by plants, not machines. To swim in and drink clean water that was created by the weather cycles of this magical planet.

When there are post - Earth humans, my guess is that if they had one wish, it would be to live on the Earth. And that's where we are right now. For that, I am very thankful.