I've awoken recently to the idea that gratitude is one of most important things in this Universe. Because we have advanced so far in society, because I have a sort of worship for those that are in positions that are better than mine, and possibly because of high expectations, I sometimes lose sight of how lucky I am. I spend too much time comparing my life to those who  seem to be better off than I, when I could simply reverse that and look at someone who is, say, dead or dying, and it's a completely different story.

It seems like I lose sight of how blessed I am because of my blessings. That sounds contradictory, but it may be true. Maybe it's because my wife is sweet and beautiful, because my body works just the way it is supposed to, because I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world in this politically stable land of opportunity that I take these things for granted, and allow my mind to drift toward discontent. After I become accustomed to wonderful things, perhaps my expectations go out of whack.

So, I am declaring 2012 as the year of gratitude, which will lead to a lifetime of recognizing blessings as they come my way.

Thanks so much. I am grateful you have read this.