I am all about consciously seeking inspiration. Inspiration isn't going to find us. We have to find it! Or at least start the ball rolling. Now that I am open to receiving it, it comes at me from all directions, and I want to send it back out to my listeners and other people in my life.

Radio people are supposed to have a 'thing', a 'schtick', you know, that thing that makes our personality recognizable and uniquely our own. A while ago, I decided that I wanted inspirational messages of positivity and affirmation to be my thing. My partner, Susan Moore, was more than happy to go along with this. I put it out on the air and in my blog posts.

Here are my 5 favorite posts that I put up hoping that they would inspire someone else.

This one had the most reaction of any post I've ever published. I also worked harder on it than any other post I published. I wanted to put something on Youtube that people who were in a similar situation could watch and learn from. It seems to be working. That's part 1 of a 3 part documentary.

Introverts seem to feel like they don't have as much to offer. This post shows that they have offered more than anyone in history, and continue to do so. That shell may seem like a liability, while it really is an asset. Embrace it!

I love turning things on their heads. I love reacting in the way that is not ordinary. That was how I reacted to my wife's idea of joining a network marketing business. And it felt great. Once I was in it, I saw a recurring them: spouses who didn't understand what it was all about and therefore didn't support it. So, I wrote this. Everyone who is considering network marketing, or even taking a chance their spouse doesn't totally understand should read it!

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This year we discovered Super Soul Sunday, and along with it, Brenee Brown. I credit her with bringing the idea of vulnerability into my wheelhouse. It had been there before (one can hardly complete a 12 step program, see the first link above, without becoming vulnerable), but after I saw the episode of SSS, It really stuck with me. It made me want to act on it. It made me think, if I'm scared of it, I should do it. It was instrumental in making me release my documentary about my own alcoholism. Strong stuff. Watch and change.

Larry Busacca, Getty Images

It was the year of Katy Perry…again. The thing is, it was no accident that this was the case.  But if she had given up, say, the first time a record label rejected her. Or the second time. Or the third time. Or the time they accepted her material to bury it, it wouldn't have been. We wouldn't know Katy Perry from Eve. But since she didn't give up, everyone knows who she is. That link leads to the story.

Here's to all of you who have inspired us to dare greatly! To 2014! And beyond!