Joining a group to help us improve our fitness and health is a great idea.

A group provides us with many motivational aspects that training alone just don't give us.

Mental Motivation

Just knowing that our partner or group is going to be there is often enough to get us there, too. Once we are there, more than half the battle is won. Especially when the group is meeting a trainer to push them through the process, that's a couple of layers of motivation.

Physical Motivation

Seeing someone else do the exercise proves to you that it can be done. Once we get to know our workout buddies, we can also learn what type of weight we use compared to them. This isn't to outdo anyone, but rather to see if my workout buddy is doing this much, that means I can expect myself to do this much...or more!

Emotional Motivation

When a couple of our Dare to Lose folks were down with injury, I think that my stories of being sidelined helped them feel a little better. And no matter how in-shape someone is, when we are in class together, it's comforting to see that the trainers can make them struggle, too.


At Miramont, one of the best ways to achieve great results are through the small group personal training classes. The concept is simple. A personal trainer works with numerous people at one time, offsetting the costs of the time, plus adding in all the other motivational aspects above.