It's coming to the end, and we have a tight race.

Participants know their numbers and they know the others' numbers, but it's impossible to say who will come out with the win just yet. X factors remain. People's determination is only growing stronger, like their bodies as they show up and make the simple movements Ethan, Michelle, Tyler and all the other trainers tell us to make. Simple, yes. Easy, no. I have seen people work their tails into littler tails. I've seen so many Facebook check-ins from people, many times two-a-days, that I'm saying "Damn, these people are living at Miramont."

I am not in the lead, nor do I have chance to win. But I have made significant gains in friends, lessons, realizations, a massage therapist, content contributors, new listeners, new understanding and new goals.

From my workouts, I am also gaining a strength and power I never thought would go along with rapidly closing in on 40 years old.

I think we are also realizing that winning isn't just in the numbers and isn't just taking 1st prize. It is going to be a piece of cake for all of us to walk away with a win. At least for me it will be.

When my boss asked me to workout with a bunch of great people so we can all enjoy ourselves a little bit more while creating great content that can help others do the same, I knew that we couldn't lose.

I was taught to either win or learn, and with Dare to Lose, I feel like I'm doing both.

Make sure you join us and take advantage of the special deals Miramont is offering on May  31 at the North and South locations from 10 a.m. to noon, and then for the Dare to Lose wrap up at 1pm.