As we wrap up our 3 month journey with our Dare to Lose contestants and Miramont Lifestyle Fitness, it's pretty clear to me what the major takeaway lesson should be.

It's so much easier with help.

Working out? Much easier with help. Improving diet? Quite a bit easier with help. Better outlook on life? Definitely not as difficult when there is someone there to help.

In fact, I would like to submit that we are probably pretty ineffectual without help.

Let me ask you a question. What do you do? You are a (insert job here). I'll bet you are good at it. I like to think I'm pretty good at what I do. So, when you need a great commercial campaign or the best host in Northern Colorado, give me a call.

When you need a fitness program, ask someone whose job it is to create fitness programs. Ask someone who lives fitness the way I live hosting, the way you live your work. I'm not supposed to know what it takes to be in shape because I spend my time thinking about content creation for internet and radio. That's my job. Your job is to do whatever you do. The fitness professionals' job is to tell us how to make working out as short, effective and painless (sometimes) as possible.

The results you can achieve without help pale in comparison. Our Dare to Lose contestants are the perfect example.

Sarah specifically talked about how she lost some weight, but couldn't break a certain plateau. She was stuck at the same weight, and couldn't get below it. How did she crush that plateau by 17 pounds and decide to sign up for a marathon? With help.

I want the person who tells me how to stay in shape to live it, breathe it, and be it. The good news is that they are all around us. Personal trainers and fitness experts are a special brand of people because it is their job to help others.  The really good ones continue education every year, and combine fitness, nutrition, and other areas of wellness. When we put ourselves in a great fitness pro's hands, all we have to do is show up and see our goals manifest around us.

A trainer can come in, analyze the situation, and have us through a workout that does everything it needs to do for us in under 1/2 hour.

A nutritionist can look at our diet and give us things that we can change today that will make a difference.

A wellness coach can take your half empty glass, and turn it into one that is half full with a simple change of perspective.

Left to our own devices, we end up right where we are. With help, another way is shown to us.


It might be the most powerful word in the language. It takes vulnerability to say it, to mean it and to accept it. Once we do, though, the collaborations that ensue can be the most powerful force the world has ever seen.

With just a little aid, we see people turn their formerly sad, helpless, and entrenched situations into stories of triumph and success.

When I had to miss a training appointment because I was on a deadline to finish my flagstone patio, I Face Timed with Ethan to ask advice on how to keep from injuring my back during the laborious task

That is what I'll take away from this experience. When we ask for help, we are not only making it much easier on ourselves, but we are also encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.