I'm into learning. I'm into analyzing, gathering information, making sure that the theory I have on how to do something properly is sound, and making sure that I'm not spinning my wheels in vain. This leads to reading books, listening to audios, attending seminars, conducting interviews, and other post-higher education real world scholarly pursuits.

However, it is possible to over learn. It is possible to go into a mode where being a student becomes more important than action, and then nothing happens because we aren't doing anything besides learning.

One of the men I follow and attempt to learn from is Steven Pressfield. Here's what he tells Oprah about becoming what we want to become.

Nike has claimed possibly the greatest slogan of all time.

Just Do It.

You probably won't do it well, at least at first. Not many of us start out as the best. Pressfield didn't. Neither did Oprah. So what did they do? They showed up. They did the work that allowed them to learn. Over and over and over again.

Is that the secret? Why don't you try it, and see if it works for you?