I am not usually the type of person that gets on a soapbox and preaches about my opinions or about how I think people should act. I have always had one motto, and its simple... Live, love, and smile. Today though, I have to tell you about something that has gotten under my skin a little bit. People who think if they win a game, are famous, or for some reason just think they have the right to be jerks. A.K.A Egomaniacs. In my opinion, they will always lose.

The problem has always been prevalent in our society, but it really caught my attention last weekend when I was watching a sport that has been a big part of my life, bowling. A man named Pete Weber who is a very decorated and animated bowler let a fan who was rooting for his competitor get under his skin a little. Instead of polity asking the kid, who seemed to distract Weber, to stop, Weber threw a major fit. Then when Weber ended up winning the event he let his true jerk-side show... (**LANGUAGE COULD BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME**)

... Now, my congratulations go to Mr. Weber on winning one of the most prestigious tournaments in the sport for a fifth time, but who do you think you are, pal??? Because the rest of the world now thinks you are a jerk! Just because you are on TV, you won, and you think you are better than anyone else, it gives you the right to be a jerk?

I say no! And, this holds true in all aspects of life. From our grade school days when the rich kid who had all the nice clothes and was popular, picked on the not so popular kids. To people at work who are above you and think they can treat you poorly. It happens everywhere, from jerks in their cars to jerks at the store. And the entertainment world seems to get away with it all the time as well, which must make others think it is okay. It's not okay, but still from sports stars to movie stars, our world is populated by jerks. Whether it's for show, like some may claim or not, I think the world would be a better place without the nonsense.

I am here to tell you, though it doesn't always seem like it, I truly believe those who work the hardest, have the most passion for what they do, and most importantly are kind will eventually always find their way to the top. Just because there may be someone like Mr. Weber who won this time, the nice guy will get 'em next time, and may actually have him now. Stay true to you, be nice to everyone, and be thankful for what you have and in turn more people will like you. You will be remembered for that, and Mr. Weber and all the other people out there like him will be remembered not for what they won, how good or cool they were, but for being a jerk on their way there.

There are two types and people and only you can chose which one you want to be. Live, love, and always smile. You may not always win the game, but you will always end up beating the jerk in the end.