Those who know me know that I have done a bit of bowling in my day. So whenever I get a chance to tie in the sport that I love with my radio show or blogs I try to do it. The video below really struck a nerve because I have actually seen this exact thing happen, and it's absolutely hilarious! 

I worked in the bowling business for over ten years, so I have seen all the good, the bad, and the ugly a bowling alley offers.

One of the quirkiest things that lies in a bowling alley is the "foul line." Its simply a little black line where the foot approach ends and the actual lane starts. If you touch it, it triggers a sensor that sets off a buzzer and gives you a zero, or a foul, for your score. People of all walks of life have peed their pants because of the unsuspected noise that comes out of that thing.

Add an animal into the mix and things get really funny. I had a miniature pinscher for awhile while I worked in the bowling alley, and often took her into work with me. This exact thing happened with her one afternoon...