I really wish I had a cooler story to tell the people who come up and ask about the "dirt" on my face, but it is a quite simple one. We are giving away a brand new truck on one of our sister stations, and the guys around the building are growing beards until we give that sucker away (if that's what you want to call them). I took my beard to the next level last night and made 'er black! And now the world knows why Shawn Patrick's face is black.

My buddy Dave Jensen called me up a week ago Sunday and informed me of this beard growing thing that was going on, but I had a problem. I had already went without shaving for two or three weeks. As with everyone else who is participating in this deal, I don't grow facial hair very well. Two or three weeks is about the maximum amount of time I can go without shaving and looking like a real piece of work.

So now its been over a month, and needless to say, I look liked a real piece of work. Spotty, different colors, and just an overall bad beard I had... Until last night. I went to the local drug store and picked me up some Just For Men beard dye. Now I have a pro beard! I didn't even bother trying to match the color of my hair, I just made it dark to make sure no one would miss it.

Another month to go, and now with the help of Just For Men not only do i think I can last, but I think I just may have the best of all the beards growing in this contest!