I have found my new favorite work out ever. I am talking about the boxmaster class at Miramont!

This class is so much fun! It's just punching mats right? Yes, but no. It is so much more than that. You are punching, which of course works the arms, back and core, but the trainer is making you do random workouts in between. It keeps you moving and going, and is a different workout than you would normally get if you were just working out by yourself. Also, at least to me, it works out your mind too. You have a number chain that you have to remember and punch in that order. It's like the Simon memory game, but more physical.

I like being part of the class because it pushes me and challenges me to do more to get me in shape. It also makes me accountable. Every once in awhile I would come up with excuses to get out of going to the gym, but with the classes I have to be there. It's great to have that extra push and my trainer Michelle makes it fun, but pushes me to keep going.

I joined boxmaster as part of the Dare to Lose program. I just joined a couple weeks ago and it is awesome! In the first two weeks I have already lost 5 pounds and feel better and healthier! Dare to Lose is helping me out in all aspects of my life to get healthier. Not only with the classes, training but with nutrition and wellness as well! I am glad to be apart of it!