Are you sick of spending a hour to drive all the way to Denver International Airport, then another 20 minutes on a shuttle, only to have to spend another 45 minutes or more waiting in security lines? Relief could be on the way.

According to the Coloradoan, a new program will be tested in 2012 that would let travelers check bags, go through security and board a bus at the Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport and be dropped off in a secure area at Denver International Airport. It’s being called ‘wingless flight’.

Loveland and airport officials briefed residents about the new plan at a focus meeting. If everything works out, the Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport would be the first airport in the nation to test the wingless flight model in hopes of alleviating the hassle of traveling out of DIA for Northern Colorado residents.

Airport officials hope to take the first test runs in the third quarter, gauging travel time, security issues on a bus in transit – what happens to security if the bus breaks down – and other operational questions.

This sounds like a dream come true for me. Seems like it would mean cheaper parking, less hassle, and a lot less stress before a big trip.