Ski Town, USA. Its location in the Park Range, one of the first ranges of the Rockies that storm systems hit from the west, actually does give it a unique type of snowfall that Steamboat has coined 'Champagne Powder'. The glittering crystal comparison is apt because when you ski it, it can be as intoxicating as the finest sparkling wine. Steamboat is located along US 40 a few hours from Denver or Fort Collins. Its 'non I-70' location often helps keep the crowds down. It overlooks a vast area of Routt County, and has more aspen tree skiing than many Colorado resorts. This is especially nice because aspen trees don't always have low hanging branches like conifers, so it is possible to weave in and out of them and enjoy even more untracked snow.

Paul's Perspective

Steamboat can be surreal, in a great way. If you've ever been in the snow-fog, or experienced the temperature inversion that makes it warmer on top of the mountain than the bottom, you understand that Steamboat is truly one of a kind. The snow is lighter, the terrain is vast and the tree skiing is unbelievable. Plus the drive to and from Fort Collins is so much less of a headache. It's 3 hours, and it's 3 hours every time. Coming home from Summit or Eagle County will take you up to and even beyond 6 hours on a Sunday. That's no fun for anyone. From Steamboat to Walden and through Poudre Canyon is a great drive.

Vital Statistics

Distance from Old Town, Fort Collins - 157 miles 2 hours 59 minutes Map

Distance from Denver International Airport - 179 miles 3 + hours Map

Accessible Acreage - 2,965 acres

Vertical Drop - 3,668 feet

Marked Trails - 165 named trails

Chair Lifts -

  • Gondola (8-passenger): 1
  • High-Speed Six: 1
  • High-Speed Quads: 5
  • Conventional Quad Chairlift: 1
  • Triple Chairlift: 6
  • Double Chairlift: 2
  • Total Lifts: 16
  • Uphill Capacity: 41,465 per hour

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