Life Hacks

How to Increase the Capacity of Your Trash Can
I don't know what I fixate on trash tips sometimes. Maybe it's because it's my job as a husband to take out the trash when it's full. In any case, I'm sure you (and me) will find this useful in the future!
The Most Useful Life Hacks of 2013 – Drew’s Top Five
It's been a heck of a year for "life hacks," those little tips and tricks to make your life easier. There have been so many (at least three or four a week), so I couldn't help reaching back into the life hack annuls to remind us of some of the most popular ones. Here we go!
How to Keep Your Spare Bed Sheets Organized
My wife and I have somehow accumulated more bed sheets than we know what to do with. They tend to pile up into a massive leaning tower in our closet, and inevitably topple over and make a huge mess. So from now on, I think we'll try this instead...
How to Keep Your Cookies Soft
Sure, cookies in general are delicious, but soft-baked always kicks them up a notch. So how do you keep those soft-baked cookies soft? Try this...
How to Keep Your Car’s Wipers From Collecting Ice Overnight
I try to be as proactive as I can with my car when I get home at night. If there's snow in the forecast, I pull the windshield wipers up to keep them from freezing to the windshield. But they still end up coated with knuckle-scraping ice the next morning. Grrr! Next time, I'm doing thi…

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