Mixed martial arts is the most entertaining fighting sport out there.

Why is it so much better than boxing? Well, let me answer that question with another question. Have you ever seen a street fight?

I have. And, within all of us exists the knowledge that, God forbid, we may someday have to defend ourselves in a hand to hand battle. I hope it doesn't happen to me, and I hope it doesn't happen to you, but there is the possibility that any of us at anytime could have to engage in a street fight.

Guess how much it will look like a boxing match. It won't. It will not resemble a boxing match at all.

Real world fights are ugly, dirty, nasty, roll around on the ground with limbs flying everywhere affairs. I am not in any way condoning, supporting or celebrating street fights. But they happen, and when they do, they are in no way a contest that resembles the until now most popular fighting sport—boxing. Boxing is so far from representing what really happens when two people throw down that I have no interest in it. I mean, it is fine for what it is. That is, a sport with specific rules. It's not a fight. It's a sport.

When I want to see two people engaged in a true, primal contest that is about winning, not landing punches, I watch MMA.

Mixed martial arts is poised to make boxing irrelevant. The final straw of MMA becoming the world's most popular fighting sport will happen whenever it is included in the Olympics.

Watch the video for more of my reasoning, and please let us know what you think!

There are quite a few hurdles keeping it from being in the Olympics now. Mixedmartialarts.com writes;

Another major hurdle for Olympic MMA would be to have a single international governing body. This organization would require a great deal of political support. And while it would most likely require financial support from companies like Zuffa (that's where the money is), it would also have to retain its independence and impartiality. So in the event that furthering amateur MMA would require, say, giving up elbow strikes to gain acceptance on the world's largest athletic stages, the independent committee would have the authority to make that change without beholding to any of the professional organizations.