Since I've been in radio, I've always been told I couldn't participate in the contests, great deals and other awesome things we had going on. What a bummer!

Well, that's all changed now. I can buy things on Seize the Deal, redeem points for website prizes and enjoy most of the things that you listeners have been enjoying forever.

Went a little bolder with a 'V' in the back

Seize the Deal has to be one of my favorites. It's very practical. I know I'm going to need some of the things that are featured as our great daily, weekly and monthly deals. Things like oil changes, tires, and nights out on the town are items that I know I'll need and want. So when I see them, I buy them at reduced prices, and have my needs paid for when they come up.

The fade to the 'V' is much bolder than my standard 2 on the sides, finger length on top cut!

This haircut was no exception. I paid $9 for this great haircut, and now I know that Jessica at Fresh Locks is there. Before I bought her Seize the Deal, I didn't. That's what makes it even better than just saving money! It also helps local businesses, because she basically paid nothing to gain new customers and made some money to boot.

This haircut with Jessica cost me $9 (plus I tipped, but that makes me happy, so I don't consider it a cost). That 9 bucks scored me a GREAT haircut, plus her incredible scalp and face massage and hot towel treatment. It is so soothing!

I love seeing this company evolve to meet the times and to offer such a great win-win-win program.