I have a growing family, not just in how many children my wife and I have, but with anyone who has children you know they grow like weeds. When we found ourselves back in Colorado after a year in Texas, with one daughter entering her teen years and another ready to start pre-school. We decided to make a clean start when we relocate, not only to save room on the moving truck but also to allow us to get more appropriate furniture for 2 growing girls and finally getting to replace other furniture that has experienced the brunt of our children's more destructive younger years. I remember the time my daughter painted an amazing mural of her favorite Disney movie on the back of our leather sofa. There was an equal amount of rage due to the canvas that she chose and gushing pride at the quality of the work. Also, before we left Texas, we found ourselves in a place that we were able to donate our furniture that had survived the brushes of our budding artists to a family that was in need. Happy to help, we gave them all kinds of things for their little boy as well as couches, end tables, a dining room table, chairs and other things. However, once we finally got settled in Fort Collins, we found ourselves looking to furnish our own home. Anyone who has looked for furniture has experienced the challenge of finding quality at a good deal. Several people I have met, both in and out of the radio station have recommended that I head to Greeley Furniture. My wife and I are headed their next weekend to see their selection and see what works for us. If you're also looking for some new furniture for your growing family you should check out our Northern Colorado Auction.  There's a great deal on a $2,000 gift card for Greeley Furniture, with the starting bid at 60% off! There are also all kinds of other great deals that you should check out as well. The auction starts on Monday the 13th and ends Wednesday the 15th.