On Wednesday, I took a guided tour of the High Park Fire. As Poudre Fire Authority guided me along the fire's path of destruction and loss, it reminded me of how the Windsor Tornado traveled over four years ago, behaving in similar fashion when destroying some property, while leaving other property right next door untouched.

Some houses so close to one house lost are left untouched, out buildings and vehicles right next to what used to be someones home, untouched by the flames. How does this happen? As I toured the North Park area of the Poudre River and fire officials explained, wildfires are similar to storms in that way, they may take one home and lots of trees, while leaving something else very nearby untouched by the flames.

In the photos above you will see the foundation where someones home once stood, while a pickup truck that was very close to the rubble and ash, looks virtually untouched by the burning flames.

Mother Nature, we may never completely understand your power.