Fort Collins, Colorado is a gateway to the Rocky Mountains. As you move west through town, you slowly gain elevation. Glimpses of the mountain majesty peek out here and there, and eventually, you arrive at a point where everything goes one way--up. If you are looking for a great motorcycle ride, there is a quick loop that will turn you into a gaper (someone who's jaw hangs agape because of the amazing view), give you some great photo ops and pop you back into town before you know it. It may be too soon and you could end up sounding like a kid at an amusement park. "Let's do that again!"

From the north

You can go from Fort Collins via Overland Trail to Bingham Hill Road. From Laporte, you can take Rist Canyon Road (54G to 52E) to South Centennial Dr. or N CO Rd 23. Lot's of numbers, I know, but you can click to the map below.

From the south

There is but one way to go from the south. Harmony Road west of Taft Hill becomes 38E and winds into the Rocky Mountains. From this way you have to turn north on the east side of Horseto0th Reservoir on N CO Rd 23. If you continue on 38E it will take you into Masonville. That is also an excellent ride, but longer and you either have to go to Loveland or through Poudre Canyon from there.

From the middle

Dixon Canyon Road 42C takes you past Moby Arena and access to a bunch of natural areas up to South Centennial.