The best time of year to ski in Colorado, or snowboard, for that matter,

Look at the publish date on this post. Plan your vacation, staycation, or quick trip to the mountains around this time of year and you will be able to enjoy the following perks, just because of your timing.

And I should add that it is the best time for certain kinds of conditions. It's different from the other best time of year to ski in Colorado: late February and early March bring a lot of snow, and less of it melts, so the skiing is amazing then.

Spring skiing brings almost as much snow (sometimes more), and other great perks.

Smaller Crowds

Once spring break is over, ski season is over for many people. This includes Denverites, and that keeps the crowds down in a big way.

You'll notice this little benefit on the highways as well as in the lift lines. It's an early mud season to many people, and they just aren't taking advantage of great snow (at least this year it's great).

Cheaper Stays

The hotels are all about supply and demand. In this time of low demand, you could feasibly stay for 2/3 of the price that you would have paid two weeks ago.

Warmer Temps

Go ahead, wear a bikini. It's happening all over the place, and while you definitely want to have a warm shirt to back it up, you could literally ski shirtless (guys) and work on your tan. If the clouds roll in, the situation instantly changes, but still, it's that amazing idea of playing a cold weather sport in your shirtsleeves that is just awesome!

Spring Events

Almost all of the resorts have special spring weekends that include live music, family fun, on the slope events like pond skimming contets and much more.