The heat index is is the Poudre River. This is NOT the time to enter the Poudre River to swim. Even the little beach north of Legacy Park in Fort Collins is so flooded that it isn't really even there. What to do in weather that could make an iguana sweat? Here are the top five places to cool off in Fort Collins this summer.

30 foot drop slide? Check. Lazy river? Check. Picnic Area? Check. Day devoted to letting your dog swim with you at the end of the summer? Check! City Park Pools slide will make your child's eyes the size of saucers when they see it. Plus, it's cheap.

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First of all, they have digital Christie Projectors. How do they stack up to film projectors? It's like comparing fresh, cool lettuce to a wet tortilla. These projectors are sharp and are the place to see great upcoming movies like Cars 2 and Transformers 3 with the ultimate clarity. Check out Stimulus Tuesdays where they have cheap popcorn and drinks.



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I hate to play favorites to the coffeeshop in my neighborhood, but I think it's the best cafe around. The food is fresh, their cool drinks are fantastic, and the staff is friendlier than Casper. Plus the North College location offers a chance to see the almost completed Fort Collins Discovery Science Museum, or take a short stroll to see the swelling Poudre River.

Sometimes it's too hot to play outside, but you still need to play. Bowl a few frames at Chipper's!! Definitely one of the best places to cool off in Fort Collins. Beyond the great deals they offer on their lanes, the arcade is one of the best in town, plus, their pizza is very, very good.

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If you have a boat, or a friend with a boat, it's incredible speed freaks and water skiers. Horsetooth also offers a nice beach with always cool water, and million dollar views to boot. Plan a picnic and be ready to enjoy the mountains!