Pelican Falls golf course in Windsor, CO is an astoundingly beautiful track that will appeal to all types of golfers, especially those who don't do well in long drive contests.

Great bunker placement, water, meandering holes that incorporate the Poudre River bluffs, and other elevation inclusions make this a tough course if you aren't straight or can't control your distance.

The course is shorter, sure, but it's not without it's challenges.

What it really has is an amazing beauty and serenity that makes it feel like it is in a world all of its own.

Once you drive from the clubhouse past the Pelican Lakes course, you are out there by yourself and the day we played, there was one other foursome on the course. Very nice.

For golfers like me that play long courses, this one was a great place to practice pinpointing longer irons and making sure my putting was on par.