This is part of a series that discusses a western road trip that can blow your recreation mind, in winter or summer. Because I’m a big snowhead, I’ll refer to the ski resorts a lot, but these areas have world class recreation in most categories and seasons.

The beauty of the perfect western extreme sports road trip relies on the different conditions from high alpine to lower desert or valley. If it was all snow, then it would just be a ski trip.

Since, when going from the Colorado Rockies to the Wasatch Range in Utah, there is a desert on the way, it allows for some warm weather fun as well. We stopped at Moab, and had a lot of fun choices to make.


The variety that mountain biking Slick Rock Trail added to our normally 'ski and ride only' trips was invigorating. Still making turns? Pretty much. Still a an adrenaline-fueled blast? For sure. SSDD? Not at all.

Then, on our last day, when the snow turned out to be crap and someone joked that we should just go to Salt Lake to golf, it quickly turned from a joke to the event of the day.

We all rented clubs and just picked a course off the Internet.

The Ridge was a nice track, good condition for early spring, great views, solid layout and we had a great time. I hacked up a storm and handed 'The Belt' (we've been playing for an imaginary championship belt since we were teenagers) over to my friend Mike (he's the one being shoved over in the picture in the photo gallery). Bummer, but any day golfing is a great day.