I've always been a fan of timeless music.

A student, even. Even before I was a radio host, one of my favorite things to do was buy diverse selections of cassette tapes at truck stops on road trips. Yes, young people, cassette tapes.

I remember picking up Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand at one stop, and the lady behind the counter asked me "Who ya buyin' fer?" I didn't understand.


"Who ya buyin' fer? The Barbara Streisand isn't for you is it?"

It was. Also, the only Elvis I've ever owned was purchased at a Central PA truck stop. I don't have the tape anymore, and I'm much more of a Beatles fan, but I always felt it was important to at least understand the greats.

This baby got it much earlier in life than me.

Wow. You know it's love when you can see it falling asleep and still singing.

May all of our children have such a kinship with the King.