Directions, they are not everyone’s cup of tea; that’s my philosophy! If you’ve listened over the years you probably know that every so often I get a little lost at times; it’s that whole getting old and becoming senile syndrome. At least that’s what I say, but other people tell me that it’s nothing new and I’ve been a little dazed and confused for years. I get more than just a little flack from everyone here at the station for everything from my parking skills to always being lost.

Each week I’m going to put up a picture from one of my wanderings to see if you can identify where in the heck I am at! Just put your guesses in the facebook comments section below and next week I’ll reveal the location I found myself in along with another clue to where I am lost.

This Week's Clues

We're putting on a show!!! The Good Morning Guys Habajeeba Good-Time Variety Happy Hour Comedy Show is this Friday night!!! We had a sound check and pre-show meeting last week and,'s my story.

I got to the Rialto in Loveland with about 20 minutes to spare. 4th Street is so engaging I thought I'd just keep driving. That's when I found a neighborhood that was SO charming with it's one story brick bungalows from the 1920s. There are about a dozen homes, each as lovely and the next.  It has to take a lot of work to keep them up.  I can't wait to go back next week to see this place when the leaves change, and come Christmas, I imagine it looking like a Currier and Ives greeting card. It wasn't enough to just see the fronts, I had to go down the back alley to see back yards beautifully landscaped for the times. That's where I ran into trouble. A lady driving by slowed and asked if I needed help. I admitted I DID and asked her to take this picture. Do you know where I am?
This weeks answer:West 4th Street Historic District in Loveland, CO.

Susan Moore, TSM
Susan Moore, TSM