Directions, they are not everyone’s cup of tea; that’s my philosophy! If you’ve listened over the years you probably know that every so often I get a little lost at times; it’s that whole getting old and becoming senile syndrome. At least that’s what I say, but other people tell me that it’s nothing new and I’ve been a little dazed and confused for years. I get more than just a little flack from everyone here at the station for everything from my parking skills to always being lost or as I call it, distracted, thus they have inspired me to start taking pictures during my adventures.

Each week I’m going to put up a picture from one of my wanderings to see if you can identify where in the heck I am at! Just put your guesses in the facebook comments section below and next week I’ll reveal the location.

This weeks clues. 

While my official address is Fort Collins, I have adopted THIS town as my hometown.  It has NO bars or restaurants, one church, an elementary school, and you almost expect to see the sheriff (and his fishing pole)  walking down Main Street with his little boy. Do ya hear whistling?  There are mysteries that add to the charm of this small town USA.  Including this 'thing'...I know it has a story so I'll ask around and tell you about it, but first you have to tell me WHERE I am:

Adam Porter, TSM