Picture it; 1974. Brian and Todd were in grade school learning fart jokes while I graduated high school and was headed to The Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City with Burt Parks singing, ‘There she is… It was a pretty big deal for a small town girl from North Dakota, and NO I didn’t win…but neither did Miss Florida, Delta Burke.

I thank the Miss America Pageant for scholarships through 6 years of college to
get my 4-year degree...in Liberal Arts. The year I spent as an ambassador for my
state taught me to be a good listener whether I was chatting with the Governor, Mr.
Sinner, or visiting with farmers at the crop and feed shows, all the while attending
every local pageant and county fair parade.

Susan Moore


There are nine of us nationwide to be inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame
“Class of 2017”. The Award ceremony is in Nashville on June 21st. K99's Good
Morning Guys
, Brian, Todd, and Susan will be recognized for significant contributions
to the country radio/music industry.

I'm taking off weight to wear a fabulous dress. I started my weight loss program on March 21st with Benchmark Medical and we determined that I could use a 27-pound loss. That would fit me into the white dress in a size 6! I'm down 18 pounds in four weeks.

It's a busy time when I haven't looked my best in ... a while. But the pictures that will be taken on June 21st will be forever in the Hall of Fame.  I've got my work cut out.

Thanks for being on my journey with me.