I have posted interviews with both a supporter of Be Bold CSU and a supporter of S.O.S Hughes. I have also put them on our Facebook page. The comments section fill up pretty quickly with emotional responses. As you'll see, the responses came almost exclusively from one side of the equation.

In April I interviewed Griff Kull, the owner of the CSU Bookstore at Laurel and Mason. He is  a supporter of the on campus stadium and a member of Be Bold CSU. As you can see on the post on our website, no comments have been left.

Then, in July, I interviewed Chris Marshall, an opponent of the on campus stadium and a member of S.O.S. Hughes, the group that favors renovating Hughes Stadium. As you can see when you click to the post, there were many comments, some even insulting in nature. Below are what some of the people had to say.

Kent Hughes said,

SOS Hughes has been caught in the act of lying to the student body on campus ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-EpqVxqDIM ) One member stated that building a new stadium is the same as building a Pornography shop. It is a proven fact that with better facilities will draw better caliber athletes. Example would be Okla. State. The powers that be want nothing better then to improve CSU as a whole, and this new Stadium that we are going to get will Unite the Alumni back to the University. Do not settle for mediocracy. Strive to be the best you can be. this is what CSU is trying to do. If you want to see the truth in what is actually going on go to http://www.beboldcsu.org/ God Bless you all and Be Bold And Build It. GO RAMS!

Topher Tobin said,

Only problem is, whose money is going to pay for those "much less money renovations" of Hughes Stadium. Good luck finding folks to pony up for a nearly 50 year old facility that is literally falling apart. Tell me this, what's the more sustainable? Building a state of the art, Gold LEED certified facility on 15 acres of land that will have considerably less maintenance costs over its life time or renovating a nearly 50 year old facility, that's falling apart, has relatively high maintenance costs and sits on 160 acres of land? Seems like a no brainer to me....

As for the insults, in my opinion, they seem to reflect more on the insulter than the insultee.

Thanks so much for your comments! Please feel free to let us know what you think about anything we post!