I'm playing one of the only slots during FoCoMX that is free to the public.

Don't get me wrong, the purchase of a $30 wristband for the chance to see over 200 bands is so worth it. However, when I set my slot for 1pm at Everyday Joe's, and since I create songs, stories and apps for kids 4 and up, I figured I might have a smallish crowd.

Kids love music, but most of FoCoMX is geared toward the Friday and Saturday night crowds.

I knew the festival planners would have a caveat to handle their festival goers needs and experience. From the start of my performance at 1pm, anyone who wants to get a great taste of what FoCoMX is all about can join me, and the bands who follow me at Everyday Joe's. Wristbands will be required after 6pm.


Once again, the ONLY FREE PORTION of FoCoMX, the Saturday-day family programming, is happening at Everyday Joe's.
*Newly added, 1:00-1:30: Paul and the Green Minstrels. (Kids books and songs for a greener planet.)
*2:00-3:00 Colorado Swing Big Band
*3:30-4:30 Blue Canyon Boys (Telluride Bluegrass winners)
*4:45-5:15 Mr. Marty (Pre-K music program)
* 5:15-6 Jason Downing - (Beatles songs for kids)

PLEASE NOTE, WRISTBANDS ARE REQUIRED at Everyday Joe's on Friday, and for the regular programming that begins at 6pm Saturday.

WRISTBANDS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL ADULTS AND CHILDREN AT THE MUSEUM AS WELL. (Per the museum guidelines for non-private events, kids 2 and under would be free.)

In addition, please note that on our Web page and printed schedule, every venue is clearly marked 21+ or All Ages!