I'm sure you've heard the debate about whether or not we should let Syrian refugees into the United States.

It's a tough one. After the attacks on Paris, it's understandable that people don't want to take chances on bringing a person who wants to attack the United States into the United States.

On the other hand, I don't think we should turn our backs on refugees that truly need and want our help.

I don't know what the answer is. But I do know a person who has been a refugee. I met Izabela Lundberg at an author's conference in Denver last year. We've stayed connected on Facebook, and before our interview, I really didn't know the depth of her story. I was aware that she came from a troubled region and has worked to help heal other refugees through rehabilitation programs, and through her book, The World Messenger.

I decided to talk to her to hear the perspective of a peaceful refugee who was displaced against her will because of war in her homeland.

As she says in our interview (video above).

We as refugees never wanted to be refugees and never did anything to be a refugee.

She admits that there is always the possibility that someone that could be an attacker could slip through and find their way here. She even goes on to talk about how, when she was working to rehabilitate refugees from the Balkan Wars that displaced her, she ran into perpetrators of the horrors she faced.

It has happened before and it could happen again. We also must consider how many refugees are mothers with their children.

It's a many layered issue with no easy answers. I simply wanted to talk to her to add her to the dialogue that is going on surrounding this topic. I hope it will have value to you.

This is a poem by Izabela Lundberg.


Look into my eyes. Look!
Yes you, you as I am standing naked in the truth
In front of you, fearing nothing!
Look into my eyes, the eyes of a refugee
A bi-product of bloody war, torture and genocide
Who hates no one, fears no one, blames no one
Who rapes no one, cheats no one, lies to no one
Who enslave no one, attacks no one, kills no one
Look at me!

Look into my eyes, eyes that hold stories
Stories of thousands and thousands of refugees
From hundreds of countries around the world
Voiceless, silenced, oppressed and suppressed
Still seeking refuge
From weapons that silence the world's voice
Replaced with chaos and the hating noise
From peace that comes from someone's grave
From profit from the slave
From propaganda, racism or blame
From further inflicting the heart-wrenching pain
To someone's father, mother, sister or brother
To someone's husband, wife, son or daughter
To someone's neighbor or friend
Only one to someone!

Help Us To Stop dividing by race, religion, nationality or gender
Help Us To Stop infusing, sharing and spreading propaganda
Help Us To Stop creating unwanted refugees and needing refugee camps
Help Us To Stop ignoring, denying and hiding
Help Us To Stop fearing and running
Help Us To Stop avoiding the truth!

Look into my eyes! Look.
Look and dare to share
The most powerful force within you, in you, yes YOU
Through your courage and strength
Through your compassion and kindness
Through your support and shared understanding
Through your good will, hopes and dreams
Through your voice, actions and good deeds
Through your heart and love for all
Through your uniting with us as a whole

Look into my eyes! Look!
Love and laugh with me, yes with Me & Us
Us, The Global Citizens, living the life worth living
By being, all that you and I can be while free
Who hates no one, fears no one, blames no one,
Who rapes no one, cheats no one, lies to no one
Who enslave no one, attacks no one, kills no one
Look at me! Look at us!

Look into YOUR eyes! Look!
As you still have a choice and can be the change
By not fighting the old and staying in the mold
But by building the new world
World of peace, light and love for all
The world you wish your children, grandchildren and
Great grandchildren to see
That makes you peaceful and proud of who you are
A global leader with a legacy!

‪#‎Love‪#‎Light and ‪#‎Peace to All ‪#‎GlobalCitizens!
~ The World Messenger