When I decided to create the Redemption Race, my personal story of my recovery from alcoholism, it was in direct response to what a powerful story recovery creates, and to the availability of a free platform upon which I could post it for all the world to see.

Youtube.com is obviously an amazing thing, and while I love videos of cats playing piano as much as the next guy, I realized that it has the opportunity to help with people's problems as well.

I dreamed of a struggling alcoholic, surfing the web, looking for some sort of answer to the tough questions that alcoholics face, and finding my documentary. If they could find some solace, some solution, some bit of hope, then the time I spent on it would be more than well worth it.

Well, it happened. I know it's been watched by a lot of people (over 8,500 for Part 1 at last count), but when I received the email below, it really made my day.

Hi Paul,

I just watched your documentary on you tube.  After a long week of being hungover, then sick, then depressed i spent my Friday night looking up documentaries about alcoholism (i have done this several times).  I struggle with my drinking, i am a high bottom drunk like you.  What really hit me in your documentary was 2 things.  One being when you said the first time you drank at age 14, you knew something changed in you.  My first drink was when i was 14, i remember it so clearly and the way it made me feel and i have no doubt something switched in me that very moment.  I will be 30 this year and i have struggled with addiction and the problems that come with it ever since.  The 2nd thing was at the end when you said you struggled with releasing the documentary because your life had not reached as low as a lot of peoples do because of alcohol.  I also struggle with that, am i really as bad as i think i am?  I haven't lost my job (i am pushing it though), I have an education, i have a home, car, child, etc. But i am in pain and inner turmoil as a result of my drinking.  My head is very mixed up because of it.  I don't know why its such a struggle to stop.  I have tried AA once, made it a month, then thought i'm not that bad, i can go back to drinking occasionally.  Now this week i missed a day of work and was an hour late picking up my child as a result of drinking.  I am not the person i want to be and know i can be and it always comes back to my lack of control over alcohol.  You gave me a lot more to think about, you are inspirational.  Thank you for your documentary.



Ontario, Canada