I released the Redemption Race in hopes that it would help someone.

As the documentary has been seen by thousands of people over this year, I hope it has done so.

With the creation of the internet, it is my belief that I should use it to create things that help others, that celebrate life, and that express my part of the human experience. I created and released this documentary loving the idea of putting free, helpful content somewhere that a person in need could find it. It seems like they are. Combined, the three part documentary has over 15,000 views. At this rate, it will be above 20,000 by Father's Day.

There are three sections of this story. The first one has gotten the most views. The second one details what happened when I reached out for help--with my alcoholism, and with my desire to win a race.

The third episode is the race. Did I win?

Thanks to everyone who has watched my documentary. It means a lot to watch the number of views climb every day.