This morning, “occupy” protesters from Denver, Greeley and Fort Collins converged on the Walmart distribution center in Loveland, according to local police.  13 arrests were made, after the protesters decided to sit in the street, arms locked, in an attempt to block semi trucks that were trying to leave the center.

Loveland Police said most of the people arrested were only charged with obstructing traffic, and two protesters were sent to the Larimer County jail.  Crossroads Boulevard was closed briefly while police cleared protesters out of the road, and it was re-opened soon after.

Police said nobody has been injured while protesting, nor during the arrests.

Upon hearing this was going on, I decided to head out to the Walmart D.C. to see what was going on.  Walking up to the large mass of people on the side of the road by the building’s driveway, I could hear the megaphone-led chanting: “Police are the 99%,” “F— you, I won’t do what you tell me,” and more.  When semi trucks drove into or out of the center, protesters shouted at the police in front of them to arrest the truck drivers, because they were “the real criminals” for working for a company like Walmart.