I am dismayed that very few people in business return calls anymore. (Well, sure I am one of them…but that’s not the point. Or is it?) And yes, I completely understand that our lives have become dumping grounds of unsolicited sales pitches, marketing messages, and “once-in-a-lifetime” offers. And yes, I get the fact that 99.99999% of the time the communication probably is worth avoiding.

So I completely get why so many folks don’t return the calls, but I still don’t like it one bit. I’ll be honest, when someone doesn’t return my call, or respond to a message like I was told they would; I lose a little respect. I guess it loosely falls into the category of doing what you say you’re going to do. Not exactly, but it feels the same.

I can’t tell you how many times I have asked whoever is answering the phone at our office to “send them to my voicemail.” It was my way out. My personal call dumpster. Knowing full well that I would likely not be reaching out. Now if I know you, I would likely take the call, but if it’s a name that I didn’t recognize…off to the voicemail with you. So what does all this mean? I was as guilty as everyone else. I say “was,” because I have some new rules for myself.

First, I will always take a call if I am available. Might be short, but if you have something you’d like me to hear, give me a ring. Second, if you end up in my voicemail, you can feel good about the fact that I was legitimately unable to take your call at the time. And finally, if you leave a message, I will call you back. Simple, right?

Will this take some time out of my day? Yes. Will I end up having some conversations that probably would rather not have had? Yes. Will there be a few golden nuggets that I would have missed if not for changing my ways? Hope so. Will I feel better about all of this? No question.

Join the revolution. I’ll return yours if you return mine. Oh, by the way; 970-674-2738.

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