Google has added bicycle directions to Google Maps.

Anytime you need to plot a course on your bike, Google Maps is a great reference. 

The above map is what it looks like with the 'Bicycle' feature turned on. Below is what it looks like without.


To use it, simply click the 'Bicycle' option and it will add the layer with bike trails and lanes.


It's a great resource, but it doesn't tell always the whole story.

When I used to not have to get up in the middle of the night, I would ride to work. That was a trek from north west Old Town to Windsor, so I rode out Mulberry, which becomes highway 14. After a treacherous crossing over I 25, the shoulder is very wide out on the plains, but the Google Map doesn't show that. There are still some things we have to learn by pedaling. Thank goodness for that.