Who:  Susan
What: 2 Severed Fingers on Right Hand
Where: Susan's and Bob's Farm
When:  March 27, 2014...5PM

Why:...not a clue...

This would be classified as a life changing experience, and though painful
as this was, the gifts I've received from so many folks are sweet, sweet, sweet.

I never enjoyed washing my hands TOGETHER more than I did today when the 12 day-old cast/bandage came off at Orthopedic Center of the Rockies in Fort Collins. I left with little caps on my nubbins and instructions to HEAL!!! And I  was able to put my vulnerable paw into a hand crocheted glove to keep cozy...Gerri Reichert made it for me, she just knew ...

Again thanks to everyone who has had my back during the last 2 weeks...oh, the story isn't over but maybe I should give my poor hand a rest from typing...for now.