Is your electricity bill too high? Join the club! With recent hikes in electricity bills to Fort Collins residents, any way to save energy is a huge plus. Many locals have reported that their electric bills have doubled in a one month period. Fortunately whether it be summer or winter there is a very easy way to save some money each month when it comes to using less energy heating or cooling your home. The right blinds & window coverings.

Considering an average home, windows account for nearly half of the heat gain or loss depending on the season. As a result this accounts for close to half of the workload on your air conditioning system or heating system. Combine heat loss from your roof, walls, and attic and they still don't come close to equaling the energy lost through your windows! Windows will allow around twenty times more heat into your home without coverings than an equal amount of normal insulated wall space. When you control the way the sun’s energy enters your home through its windows, you can save on summer energy bills to the tune of two to four percent and take advantage of heating that is free in the winter.

When looking for window treatments, you'll want to choose ones that will block out the most sun. Make sure to ask about the “shading coefficient” of different window coverings. The Shading Coefficient is a measure of the ability of the window treatment to reduce solar heat gain. The lower the number, the less solar heat will enter your home and the lower your cooling or heating bills will be. For example, honeycomb cell shades and wood or faux wood blinds are better at energy conservation than roller shades or aluminum blinds. Keep in mind that interior window coverings such as honeycomb shades, wood blinds, and faux wood blinds reduce solar heat most effectively if the surface facing the glass is a reflective color like white.

However blinds aren't much good if they aren't closed on windows receiving direct sun, so remember to keep the blinds closed on south and west-facing windows of your home at appropriate times throughout the day.

Take advantage of this tip and learn how to live life a little Shadier with our local Expert, Blind Brothers!