In this evening's (Sept 22nd) Colorado Rockies game vs the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Rockies were able to score at least 7 points meaning cheap tacos for fans all over the state of Colorado at Taco Bell. It's no secret that it's been a pretty rough season for the Rockies, but thankfully fan's occasionally have something to cheer about when the Rockies do score big. 

If you aren't familiar with the promotion, every time the Colorado Rockies score at least 7 points, win or lose, Taco Bell gives fans a big discounts on Tacos the next day. Over the years the deal has changed a bit, but for the 2012 season, Taco Bell gives fans four tacos for $2 and a medium drink for another $.50 the day after the game from 4PM to 6PM. You can't beat that!

Typically it's pretty busy in the Taco Bell restaurants during this time as you would guess. We recommend holding out and showing up about 20 minutes before 6PM so that most early birds have already come and gone.

Locations all over the state typically participate but you should give your local Taco Bell a quick call just to make sure before driving over for some dirt cheap tacos. You can find your closest location's phone number HERE. Enjoy!