As the potential on campus stadium at Colorado State University is being hotly debated, it makes me wonder, 'What else could be done with that money?' Now, 'that money' is somewhat theoretical at this point. Since the proposal has the new stadium being built with 'private funding' it's not like there is a cache of cash that going to be spent on a stadium at the sacrifice of something else. However, if a multi-million dollar expenditure is planned for one thing, couldn't in be planned for something else?

What if there was a way to take a similar amount of money to create an Earth-changing academic department? Which would you consider to be more important? I went to a school that places an incredibly high value on football (Penn State), and I can still remember the professors lamenting the inequitable treatment of academics and the ridiculousness and disparity of it all. If that money could be spent to find a cure for cancer, to rid the world of hunger, to create a viable alternative to fossil fuels, or football, what would you say then?

Colorado State, first and foremost, is an academic institution. With the current system in place in the NCAA, Colorado State doesn't really have a chance to play for a true national championship. So, while building football tradition is a great idea, I'm not sure how realistic it is to think of a student whose priority is football choosing a university who they'll never see on college football's biggest stage over one who does have that chance.

Creating new academic programs, or improving existing ones at CSU won't give local business a shot in the arm the same way a half dozen game day Saturday's would. And, being a Penn State Alum who worked at the Tavern, a fine dining restaurant in downtown State College, the buzz of game day was awesome. I would love to see the same thing happen in Fort Collins.

I feel the question should be posed though. What if tens of millions were spent on something else for Colorado State University? What would you support?

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