The city of Loveland was hit especially hard by the flood.  Some major public areas are still unusable; like Fairgrounds Park, for instance.  Luckily, though, Loveland residents are a resilient group.

The Lovelnd Farmers Market will continue through its remaining two dates (Sept. 22nd and 29th).  Since Fairgrounds park is still unusable, though, the market will relocate to the South parking lot of the Chilson Recreation Center, which can be accessed from 1st Street.  Market hours are still 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM.

Here's what the market's manager, Jeanne Boswell, had to say about the venue change:

As the Market manager I wanted to fulfill my commitment to the vendors and shoppers by provide a space for the last two remaining markets. The response back from the vendors was overwhelming with over twenty of my vendors responded back  supporting the relocation and finishing out the season.  Even my musician was supportive of the move.  I can’t say enough about my vendors and their willingness to come together and support the Market. The citizens of Loveland have been terrific this season supporting the market every Sunday. I also owed it to them to give them two more Market. I will have lots of signs out on Sunday directing people to the market. I can’t wait to see everyone and hear their stories of the 2013 flood.